Do I know how to be serious? Maybe.

Who's Maru?

Maru is the nickname I go by in my group of friends. It means round in Japanese.  Machi means village in Japanese.  Put it together and you get Maru's Village.

Maru no Machi truly came about serendipitously. Maru purchased a flowing jumpsuit off the streets of Savannah, GA after almost having a heat stroke. When she went to try it on, little did she know her mind would be blown - it had pockets! While adjusting the jumpsuit and testing out the pockets, a new mind blowing thing occurred the print was an OWL'S FACE WHEN YOU SPREAD YOUR ARMS! 

Who wouldn't love that!? From small children to older people, I have happily been surprising people with my owl face for over a year, eliciting smiles and laughter. 

One sleepless night I decided to share it on TikTok and it turned out it made others laugh too! And now we're here.  

Thanks for coming to take a look at my parliament. I hope you'll join us and stay a while. Birds of a feather flock together, right?